Aromatic tea leaves leached in hot water at 100°C. We serve Jasmine Tea, Green Tea, White & Black Tea and Gold Tea from Fujian, China or fresh Mint Tea and Ginger Tea. Premium hot tea Black Iu Lime & Pu-er in Orange are also to be enjoyed at WoodHouse.


Homemade Ice Tea freshly mixed in a three-piece shaker. We serve Classic Ice Tea, Mango Ice Tea, Orange Ice Tea, Raspberry Ice Tea or Peach Ice Tea.


Nespresso Coffee Machine allows us to prepare various coffee beverages such as Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Lungo or coffee beverages with milk such as Cappuccino and Latte.


Modern designed Shisha vaporizing flavored tobacco by TruePassion brand. We can prepare single or blended flavors of all kind. We add fruits in all our shisha base to enhance the flavor even more!


Cold and refreshing beverages by the Coca-Cola Company, including Coca-Cola, Kinley Tonic (Classic, Ginger Ale), Cappy Juice (Orange, Apple), Römerquelle (Non)Sparkling Water, Valeorint or energy drink Redbull.


Since WoodHouse was founded in the Czech Republic, we serve local’s legendary light lager Pilsner Urquell 12° (glass bottle) or widely-known Mexican Corona Extra with a piece of fresh lime.


Lukewarm Red Wine and chilled White Wine from one of the best wine regions in the world - Moravia, Czech Republic. We also serve Italian sparkling wine I AM Prosecco and French Moët & Chandon.


Our Signature cocktails really define who we are. Unique cocktails, each with its own distinctive flavor. Come & try our delicious Lumber Jack, refreshing G-Fizz and much more!